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In order to advance the principals of sportsmanship and fair play and to promote mutual respect among board members, players, coaches, and umpires, it is the intent of RYSBA to provide a positive softball and baseball experience for everyone involved in the Randolph Softball / Baseball Leagues. To this end, RYSBA has established a "Code of Conduct".
The Code of Conduct shall govern the actions of board members, players, coaches and spectators. The Code is intended to provide behavioral guidance and establish clear expectations for all involved. The Code was not conceived to address every possible behavioral circumstance; however, it shall serve as the Organization's foundation for behavioral evaluation.
It shall be the obligation of all program participants, spectators and volunteers, to comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct. Any person violating the Code shall be subject to administrative action, up to and including termination of his/her privilege to participate in, or attend, any or all RYSBA sponsored activities.
Any person observing a code violation is responsible to notify a league officer with the circumstances. League officers are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Softball Director and/or Competitive Baseball Director. Notification should be a written letter or email to the league officers. Verbal notification will be considered but will not assure any disciplinary action will be taken. At a minimum, league officers are responsible to take the following action in response to a written code violation notice: 
The first time someone violates the code of conduct, the league officers will discuss the violation and assess the level of action to be taken. At a minimum, the league will issue a written warning to the person in violation of the code. The warning will state the code, the behavior in violation of the code and state that any further code violation within one year of the event will result in suspension from all league activities.   The league officers may also request the person make a verbal or written apology for their actions.
The second time someone violates the code of conduct within any 12 consecutive month period will result in suspension from all league activities for a minimum of 90 days and maximum of one year.   The suspension period will be decided by the league officers.
League officers may opt to skip the written warning and issue a suspension depending on the severity of the code violation. If the league officers are unable to achieve a majority 3 out of 5 decision on suspension terms, the issue will be brought before the full board of directors for a majority vote.